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Bericht aus Israel: Brandanschläge auf Mobilfunksender nach Krebsfällen bei Jugendlichen

Quelle: Iris Atzmon, Israel/Klaus Rudolph, Jerusalem Post sowie spanische Internetseiten und

Auch in Israel mehrt sich der Widerstand gegen die gesundheitlichen Risiken der derzeitigen Mobilfunktechnologie. Nach Berichten aus Israel hat es dort in jüngster Zeit mehrere Brandanschläge gegen Mobilfunksender gegeben, die zur Zerstörung der Antennen führten. Im Dorf Osfia sollen in der Umgebung von Mobilfunksendern massiv Krebsfälle aufgetreten sein. Nach dem Krebstod von 3 Jugendlichen haben die Anwohner die Mobilfunkantennen im Ort durch Brandanschläge zerstört. Zuvor hatte es bereits massive Proteste der Anwohner und Demonstrationen gegeben. Nach den Anschlägen gibt es in Osfia keine betriebsfähigen Mobilfunkantennen mehr.

Die "Jerusalem Post" hatte bereits im Jahr 2000 über ähnliche Vorfälle berichtet. Im Dorf Usfiya (südlich von Haifa) wurden im März 2000 18 Menschen verletzt, als junge Leute ebenfalls Brandanschläge auf Mobilfunkantennen der Firmen Motorola und Cellcom ausführten und 16 Antennen gewaltsam entfernten. Das Dorf Usfiya liegt auf dem Berg Mount Carmel. Aufgrund der günstigen topographischen Lage wurden deshalb dort sehr viele Mobilfunkantennen auf eng begrenztem Raum errichtet. Einwohner berichteten von 130 Krebsfällen, von denen viele erst in den letzten Monaten aufgetreten seien.

Hier der komplette Bericht aus Israel von Iris Atzmon auf Englisch:

I will tell you some cases in Israel: There is a village "Osfia" which had antennas and the people were against it. Nothing helped them, they shouted, demonstrated and nothing. How they solved it: They burnt the antennas. Today they don't have antennas at all. Meanwhile: every place where there were the antennas, they had cancer. 3 young guys (17 years old) died.

Another place in my city (I live in Haifa), where there are antennas that don't work, because the people who live there (in a neighbourhood) are against that: they demonstrated and also burnt the antenna. They ere in the city council to talk with the Maire: the problem with him is that he cares only that it is legal, what is legal - he signs. These people declared on a public fight until they win.

We have a surgery in Haifa where I go, they are sandwiched between 2 banks with massive antennas. They will get sick. I went there and gave them to read about it, now they are going to make a petition.

In Haifa and Israel, in many cases if the people bring a petition with signs of many people  that they want the antenna to be taken off, it is taken off. But: nearly no one does it!! We have plenty, plenty, plenty of antennas, just everywhere, and people shut up. The problem is they don't believe in themselves, they think they can't do anything against a company or government. AND the second problem: lack of knowledge. People don't have any idea about what it causes, in most cases, they don't know that they have antennas, they don't know how it looks like, this is the problem, they are living in a lack of awareness almost totally. That is why I want to publish a book.

In Israel what happened is that we have 4 cellular companies. All of them gathered to one office (they present it as non profit thing with the internet letters org. while they are obviously for profit). This office's purpose is to move the fear of people out of the agenda.  How they do it: If someone complains about the antennas, they bring an expert to measure the radiation. Before he comes, they reduce the radiation and then they have a paper which proves that this is low radiation. Then the person shuts up. That's what happened with the surgery I told you about: They invited an expert and they didn't know they were cheated.

What they did in terms of law, is - they demanded from the government to cancel the law which says to inform the  people before they build antenna near their house. They said that it makes their work harder. Of course they got what they wanted.

Iris Atzmon

Hier der komplette Zeitungsbericht der "Jerusalem Post" aus dem Jahr 2000 auf Englisch:

18 injured in Usfiya rioting over cellphone antennas
By David Rudge
Jerusalem Post 3/14/00.

USFIYA (March 15) - At least 18 people, including 10 policemen, were injured
yesterday evening during riots in the predominantly Druse village of Usfiya,
south of Haifa on Mount Carmel.

The disturbances erupted when several youths set fire to a Cellcom
monitoring station in the village after a series of attempts to dismantle
antennas of the Motorola and Cellcom firms. According to townspeople, the
youths dismantled 16 antennas.

The incidents followed complaints of an increase in the number of cases of
suspected cancer among residents, which some blame on radiation from the
phone companies' broadcasting stations.

Usfiya, because of its position on Mount Carmel, has become a favored place
for siting antennas for mobile phone companies, leading to a concentration
in a relatively small area.

Residents say the number of villagers suffering from cancer has neared 130,
many of the cases having been discovered in the past few months, and they
claim there is a direct correlation with the radar emissions from the

They are calling on the Health Ministry and other government authorities to
conduct independent investigations and not leave the matter solely in the
hands of the "interested parties" - the mobile phone companies.

Events took a turn for the worse yesterday when Motorola maintenance workers
were attacked at the entrance to the village, where they had intended to
carry out repairs to one of the firm's damaged antennas. Police said
demonstrators hurled rocks at the employees, whose car and equipment were

Cellcom workers who arrived to repair the fire damage to the company's
monitoring station, housed in a gas station, also were attacked and the
restaurant attached to the gas station was damaged.

Police also came under attack from angry residents demanding the removal
from the village of all mobile phone antennas.

Scores of people armed with rocks and sticks surrounded the police cars that
arrived at the scene, trapping five policemen inside. After an hour the five
were released, although in the melee another officer tried to force his
vehicle through the crowd, injuring five demonstrators, according to reports
from the scene.

Several other protesters were reported wounded by plastic bullets. Residents
charged that the arrival of police had inflamed passions, and demanded their
immediate removal.

Several policemen were injured and a number were taken to Haifa's Carmel
Hospital. In addition, several police vehicles were damaged.

Reports from the village last night said shots had been fired during the
rioting, in which demonstrators also tried to block the main road which
links Haifa and Daliat al-Carmel.

Magen David Adom set up a temporary emergency treatment station at the scene
and paramedics treated three people, at least one suffering from gunshot
wounds. Two, suffering from moderate injuries, were later taken to Haifa's
Rambam Hospital and the third to Bnei Zion.

The MDA spokesman said at least three other people were  hurt and were
treated at the station.

The latest reports from the scene were that seven people had been arrested,
although the situation was reported to be very tense at press time. <

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